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Registration is now OPEN! Click on the link to register for our 2024 festival.

Reminder:  Your name will be added to our 2024 Vendors page after payment is received or arrangments for payment are made.

Note 3/19/24: We are rapidly filling up spaces! Get your application in soon. For non-food vendors, bear in mind that after this point, you MAY OR MAY NOT be guaranteed a spot in the park. 

NOTE FOR INTERESTED CRAFT VENDORS: Do you have something that stands out? Tell us what you have to offer and what sets you apart from other craft vendors. We have had an unprecedented turnout of craft vendors in recent years, and are hoping to continue this trend. Please note that we have had a large quantity of vendors selling both tumblers and homemade jewelry - so, if you have something else you can offer, we want to have you join us! If you have any questions, please let us know.


Vendor Information

Vendor Categories

This year we have 5 Vendor categories.

  • Food

  • Commercial Sales

  • Homemade Craft

  • Political Organizations

  • Non-Profit/Community Org

Vendor Fees

The vendor registration fees, per booth space, for the whole event this year are as follows:


For-profit food vendors 10x20 - $110.00

Non-profit food vendors 10x20 - $75.00


+ $25.00 for water hookup

+ $30.00 for 220V electric.

*Please note that 100V electric is included in the price for food vendors.*

**All non-profit vendors will be required to provide proof of non-profit status.**

Commercial (Direct sales) vendors 10x10 - $70.00


+ $10.00 for 110V electric.


Homemade craft vendors 10x10 - $45.00


+ $10.00 for 110V electric.


Political Organizations 10x10 - $70.00


+ $10.00 for 110V electric.


Non- profit/Community organizations 10x10- $20.00 (for 1- space),


+ additional space $30.00 per

+ $10.00 for 110V electric.

**All non-profit vendors will be required to provide proof of non-profit status**

Event Info

Dates and Times

The 36th Annual Centerville, IN Archway Days Festival will be a 2 day event beginning Friday August 23rd at 3:00 PM and continuing through 11:00 PM on Saturday August 24th, 2024.


Set up time : 9:00 AM Friday

Tear down: Anytime after 8:00 PM Saturday. Vehicles will NOT be allowed in the park or on Crown Creek Blvd until after 10:00 PM.  This will be strictly enforced for everyone's safety!

Food Vendors

All for profit food vendors will be required to have a food service permit issued by the Wayne Co Health Department.

A "Temporary Food Service Permit" can be obtained from the Wayne Co Health Department web site.

The cost of this permit is $15.00 per day. (this is a 2 day event) The Health Department Inspector will be checking vendors on Friday beginning about 2:00 PM.


Follow the links to obtain the application:

Setup and Teardown

Setup begins at 9:00 AM Friday. (special times are available upon request).

ALL vendors should be setup by 3:00 PM Friday. Food Vendors Should be set and ready for Inspection by 2:00 PM Friday.


There will not be any automobile traffic allowed on Crown Creek or in the park during the festival. 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM Friday and 9:00 AM till 10:00 PM Saturday.  This will be strictly enforced.

Commercial, Craft, and Community Service Vendors are asked to remain open until at least 8:00 PM Saturday.


Food vendors are asked to remain open until the end of the event Saturday (approximately 11:00 PM)

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