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Vendor registration is closed.  We will open registration for the 2020 festival as that date approaches.  We look forward to having you with us August 28-29, 2020!

Vendor Information

Vendor Categories

This year we have 5 Vendor categories.

  • Food

  • Commercial Sales

  • Homemade Craft

  • Political Organizations

  • Non-Profit/Community Org

Vendor Fees

The vendor registration fees, per booth space, for the whole event this year are as follows:


Food vendors - $100.00


+ $20.00 for water hookup

+ $25.00 for 220V electric.

Commercial (Direct sales) vendors - $60.00


+ $5.00 for 110V electric.


Homemade craft vendors - $35.00


+ $5.00 for 110V electric.


Political Organizations - $60.00


+ $5.00 for 110V electric.


Non- profit/Community organizations - $10.00 (for 1- space),


+ additional space $30.00 per

+ $5.00 for 110V electric.

+ $25.00 for 220V electric.


Food vendors spaces are 10' X 20' .

All other vendor spaces are 10' X 10' .

Event Info

Dates and Times

The 2020 Centerville, IN Archway Days Festival will be a 2 day event beginning Friday August 28th at 5:00 PM and continuing through 11:00 PM on Saturday August 29th.


Set up time : 9:00 AM Friday

Tear down: Anytime after 8:00 PM Saturday. (Vehicles will NOT be allowed in the park or on Crown Creek Blvd until after 10:00 PM.

Food Vendors

All for profit food vendors will be required to have a food service permit issued by the Wayne Co Health Department.

A "Temporary Food Service Permit" can be obtained from the Wayne Co Health Department web site. www.waynecountyhealth.com.

The cost of this permit is $15.00 per day. (this is a 2 day event) The Health Department Inspector will be checking vendors on Friday beginning about 4:00 PM.


Follow the links to obtain the application:

Setup and Teardown

Setup begins at 9:00 AM Friday. (special times are available upon request).

ALL vendors should be setup by 5:00 PM Friday. Food Vendors Should be set and ready for Inspection by 4:00 PM Friday.


There will not be any automobile traffic allowed on Crown Creek or in the park during the festival. 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM Friday and 9:00 AM till 10:00 PM Saturday.

Commercial, Craft, and Community Service Vendors are asked to remain open until at least 8:00 PM Saturday.


Food vendors are asked to remain open until the end of the event Saturday (approximately 11:00 PM)